Rooftop Gardening and Biotope

K University Hospital — Rooftop gardening

Global environmental issues start from around us. In the field of urban landscaping, we have been working hard to create small spaces with green, earth and water, and rooftop gardening is one of the solutions we offer.

Rooftop gardening helps the ratio of green coverage rise in urban city, reduces radiant heat from concrete, and provides residents relaxing ambiance. Numbers of local government today make it a requirement for construction projects.

K University Hospital — Rooftop gardening

Biotope, the miniature bio ecology system, is another way to respond to the asphalt-paved or cemented roads and rivers, and decreasing natural environment with small lives and creatures. The increasing number of elementary schools and public parks today build Biotope within their premises. From planning, designing to building Biotope, we work closely with children and their parents.

Let us join and support your effort to bring in the ecological diversity in urban spaces, or secure green, breathing spaces in the building rooftop, schools, and near you.

Some of our works on rooftop gardening or biotope gardens

Kansai Science City Memorial Park

  • Kansai Science City Memorial Park (Kyoto Prefecture)
    — Landscaping works (Ministry of Construction Award, The 13th Urban Parks Design Contest, 1997)
  • Tokai Belt Highway, Toki area, median strip
    — Landscaping works
  • Urban Renaissance Agency (Toshi Saisei Kikou), Minami-Shinden Apartment Complex (Daito City, Osaka)
    — Landscaping and redevelopment works (Good Construction Agency Award, 2005)
  • Kyoto Hotel Okura — Landscaping works
  • Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel — Landscaping works
  • M Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    — Landscaping and greenery work’s
  • R University, New Annex — Landscaping and greening works
  • Kyoto State Guest House Gardens — Landscaping works
  • Kitaoji Town Shopping Mall (Kyoto) — Landscaping works
  • and more