Public Green Spaces

Public Green Spaces

Urban cities today are highly efficient and functional, but the necessity of green spaces and landscape cannot be less. They remain to be crucial as breathing spaces for human communication, and for urban ecology itself.
Our role in urban landscaping is to bring the green back in.

Kitaoji Town Shopping Mall

Another role is to take a good consideration of local historical context in urban landscaping. In space configuration, every space has its own historical context, with which we have been involved in Kyoto in the last 150 years. We continue to do so in the modern setting.

Some of our works on public green spaces in japan

Kansai Science City Memorial Park

  • Kansai Science City Memorial Park (Kyoto Prefecture)
    — Landscaping works (Ministry of Construction Award, The 13th Urban Parks Design Contest, 1997)
  • Tokai Belt Highway, Toki area, median strip
    — Landscaping works
  • Urban Renaissance Agency (Toshi Saisei Kikou), Minami-Shinden Apartment Complex (Daito City, Osaka)
    — Landscaping and redevelopment works (Good Construction Agency Award, 2005)
  • Kyoto Hotel Okura — Landscaping works
  • Hyatt Regency Kyoto Hotel — Landscaping works
  • M Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
    — Landscaping and greenery work’s
  • R University, New Annex — Landscaping and greening works
  • Kyoto State Guest House Gardens — Landscaping works
  • Kitaoji Town Shopping Mall (Kyoto) — Landscaping works
  • and more

Some of our works in overseas

  • Sri Lanka Nuwara Eliya Victoria park
    Uji city – Nuwara Eliya city Friendship Japanese garden “Kame – island”
    — Dispatch garden work
  • London Holland park Japanese garden “Kyoto Garden”
    — Dispatch garden work and supervision
  • London The Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew Japanese Landscape zone
    — Survey and Planning in the Basic Improvement Program
  • International Association of Japanese Gardens
    “International Japanese Gardens Symposium” Portland, Seattle, San Diego・・
    — Lecture and Practical guidance
  • Japanese Friendship Gaerden Society of San Diego “San-kei-en”
    Japanese Garden Course
    — Lecture and Practical guidance
  • and more